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Rainbow Travel Group is a Canadian company based in Calgary. We have been involved with travel for over 25 years. Our philosophy is rooted in rational and empirical knowledge about travel. Our tours foster appreciation for human heritage, native cultures and their costumes, history, arts, wildlife, ecology, socialization, languages, crafts and new technologies.

Travel requires a great deal of preparation, which is time consuming. At Rainbow Travel Group we care! Our staff is prepared and always eager to help you develop your programs, tours or answer any question you may have. At Rainbow Travel Group, we are flexible! We can customize or change any itinerary to your satisfaction. Our goal is to create itineraries to suit your group’s requirements, budget, time constraints, excursions and group size to destinations around the world. Our experienced staff will assist in creating your “dream adventure”, hassle free. We can help alleviate your pre-trip jitters regarding visa applications, local currencies and airport transfers.


At Rainbow Travel Group we have one mission: to create travel programs to satisfy curious travelers. We offer creative programs that allow travelers to unveil the splendors the world has to offer.

Our Extensive Resources

When you travel with Rainbow Travel Group, you'll reap the benefits of our extensive network of global resources, both in academia and the travel industry. Because our contacts span the globe, we can ensure that you enjoy the most in-depth and hassle-free travel experience. From Beijing to the Galapagos Islands, Tunisia, Prague and Paris, our trusted resources abroad allow us to offer you a superior travel experience.

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